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We are starting a journey of bringing back this grand heritage listed, landmark hotel to its former glory. Closed since 2015, this 136-year-old beauty is set to be revamped, revitalised, and remodelled by us, all in consultation with heritage Victoria and the Borough of Queenscliffe.


Please continue to revisit our site as we can’t wait to share this process with you, where we will be posting photos, regular updates and commentary as the renovation unfolds.


Our first big step is to stop any further deterioration of this state treasure. We are very excited to commence this new adventure and share it with you, so stay tuned!




Restoration work has begun!


The hotel has now been enclosed by a builder’s fence and secured from curious bystanders.


Built by Wilson, a building company from Geelong, have taken on the task of removing, repairing and replacing the slate roof and guttering. They will also be repairing the chimneys and all of the exterior walls, balustrade and exterior decorative features. 


All of the roof repairs will help ensure that the interior of the building will not deteriorate any further. It will then need to dry out before we can begin any internal restoration. 


Designs for restoration and an extension by Molecule, an architectural company, have all been submitted and approved by Heritage Victoria and Queenscliff Council.


Our journey has begun!

reno 8_edited.png


We are learning early in the process that renovating an architecturally significant building into a modern day hotel is not easy as one would hope - but we are up for the challenge!

We are forging ahead with our exterior renovation, which includes the delicate removal of the verandah balustrades, flooring and decorative iron work. The preservation and restoration of all these pieces will take place off site, before they are either carefully restored or replaced. New pieces will have to be meticulously crafted with exact replicas of the original to ensure the historic façade maintains its original appearance.

In addition, paint layers are being analysed and slate is being sourced to meet historic specs, as strict guidelines have to followed and special approvals are required for even the slightest alteration to the historic building’s interior or exterior. 

We are also moving forward with the interior bathrooms, stripping out the late 1980’s style all-white bathrooms with the aim to create an appealing and contemporary space whilst maintaining historic charm.


Stay tuned!


Our restoration journey continues!


We have now demolished the old, tired and rotting 1990’s extension at the rear of the hotel. We have also cleaned up the pathways around the entire exterior as we prepare to replace the roof and repoint the walls.


The hotel is revealing itself to have been beautifully built and the original elements seem to have favorably withstood the test of time. 


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